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Bichon the Brave is the first book of the Helping Hound series. The main purpose of this book is to provide a fun and informative way of discussing childhood mental health conditions. Specifically, this book talks about anxiety among elementary-aged children. It also seeks to help them identify practical solutions for their dilemma.

In this book, anxiety hinders Bichon from living a normal life. Instead of doing the things that most pups his age does, Bichon is reluctant because of his anxiety. With the help of his friends, he soon works on it and finds a practical solution to help himself get over it.

With anxiety as one of the biggest mental health concerns among children, this book is helpful for both children and their parents.

About the author

Jimmie A. Vincent, MS, LAPC, is a mental health professional, educator, motivator, and licensed physical therapist. As a mental health professional, he works as a crisis counselor specializing in children and adolescents suffering from symptoms of mental health issues and trauma-related concerns. Currently, he is working on books 2, 3, and 4 of the Helping Hound series.

Jimmie A. Vincent MS, LAPC
Bichon the Brave


“My favorite thing about the carnival is all the cotton candy, candy apples, and my most favorite of all are the funnel cakes,” said Bambino the Boxer.


“No I don’t think you guys get it. I get really, really nervous. My paws start to sweat, my heart beats really fast, I feel like I can’t breathe, and I just want to be home with my family,” said Bichon.


Tyke was right, Mr. Labbs understood and knew just what to do.

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